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Our History with Fine Art Lithographs

The Mourlot family founded the studio as a commercial print shop in Paris in 1852.

For more than half a century Fernand Mourlot was synonymous with the resurgence of lithography, a process which would attract the greatest artistic masters of our times. Under the direction of Fernand Mourlot, artists such as Picasso, Matisse, Chagall, Miró, Braque, Dubuffet, Léger, and Giacometti enriched their own work as well as contemporary art in general with a new medium of expression, lithography. Fine art lithographs offered a new realm of experimental possibilities for the printing of their masterpieces. Thanks to Fernand Mourlot, modern lithography took on a personality and found a future. Read More

Fernand Mourlot and Henri Matisse at L'Atelier Mourlot in Paris.

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