Richard Lindner

Richard Lindner

Medium: Painting

Lives/Works: NY

Nationality:  German


Richard Linder is a German painter best known for his bizarrely obscene and amorous portraits. Soon after attending the Kunstakademie in Munich, Lindner moved to Paris to escape the Nazi regime. He then moved to New York where he was a widely known illustrator for magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazar. At the age of 50, Lindner decided to devote himself fully to painting, and has since then created many masterpieces combining expressionistic, surrealist, and cubist styles. By using harsh colors and defined lines, Lindner created enigmatic and carnal paintings based off of his memories of his early childhood in Germany and the crude and fetish-obsessed lifestyle in New York City.


An American Portrait by Richard Lindner 1976
An American Portrait - Santa Barbara Museum by Richard Lindner, 1976
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