Musee Dynamique-Dakar by Pierre Soulages 1974
Musee Dynamique-Dakar by Pierre Soulages (to scale)

Musee Dynamique-Dakar by Pierre Soulages

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Artist: Pierre Soulages

Medium: Lithographic Poster, 1974

Dimensions: 30 x 22 in, 76.2 x 55.9 cm

About: Soulages was inspired by painters such as Picasso and Cézanne very early on. His powerful canvases are devoid of any reference to nature, relying on their rhythmic partition of the surface and on the relationship between forms and the textures of the paint to create what some critics described as "melodies" or "symphonies" of space. Using just one color to create a stark contrast against the white background, Soulages refuses to commit himself to painting color harmonies.

The original image used to make this poster is "Lithographie n°37" (1973) which is also a Mourlot imprint. This poster was made for an exhibition of Soulages' works at the Musée Dynamique in Dakar. 

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