Robert Salmieri

Robert Salmieri

Medium: painter, printmaker

Lives/Works: Brooklyn, NY

Nationality: USA

What is your go-to spotify playlist for when you work? I like all kinds of music from rock to jazz to classical, depending upon the mood that I am in at any given time.


Robert's work is inspired by, but not tethered to, the material world and is often influenced by nature. He looks to an unprescribed process of internalization and distillation of motifs and visual clues from their surroundings in order to arrive at the final works. The results are abstracted worlds in which memory, fantasy, and sometimes irony, replace more obvious literal interpretations. Robert has a willingness to defer solutions as a piece evolves to explore all kinds of possibilities and arrive at a more poetic, ambiguous, and metaphorical version of reality. He has a strong foundation in traditional drawing and a background in design, elements of which are an integral part of his practice. Robert was awarded the Fellowship for Painting from the New York Foundation for the Arts in 2015. His works are in private and museum collections internationally, including the Musee Daubigny, Auvers-sur-Oise, France and the Washington Sycip SGV Museum, Manila, the Philippines. He received his degree from Parsons School of Design.