Man Ray

Man Ray
(1890-1976) American
Man Ray matured in the center of American modernism in the 1910s before moving to Paris in the 1920s and back to New York and Hollywood in the 1940s. His career is distinctive most commonly for the success he achieved across both the United States and Europe. His art encompassed painting, sculpture, film, prints, and poetry, and he garnered influence from Cubism, Futurism, Dada, and Surrealism. Further, he was one of the few to successfully navigate the worlds of commercial and fine art, gaining notoriety as both an artist and sought-after fashion photographer. While the camera-less pictures he called ‘Rayographs’ and photographs of the inter-war years are perhaps some of his most infamous work, he always regarded himself as a painter above all else.


Personage by Man Ray 1975
Personage by Man Ray, 1975
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