Eva Petric

Eva Petric


Lives/Works: Ljubljana (Slovenia); Vienna (Austria); NYC (U.S.A) 

Nationality: Slovenia

What is your go-to spotify playlist for when you work? Depends on my mood, at the same time influencing my mood- i love to listen to Bjork, Pink Floyd, Mazy Star, The Cure, Depeche Mode...


Petrič, originally from Slovenia, is a multimedia artist working and living in between New York City and Vienna. She works in photography, video, performance and installation.  She holds a BA in psychology and visual art from Webster University in Vienna, 2005 and an MFAin new media from Transact Institute New York /Berlin, 2010. Petrič characterizes the content of her work is to create space: physical space, mental space, visible space inside space, imaginary space, metaphorical space, all defined by atmosphere. Visually breathtaking and conceptually awe-inspiring, Petrič’s work brings viewers together through one thing we all share, shadows.

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