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Jack Levine

Jack Levine

(1915-2010) American

Levine was an American Social Realist painter and printmaker best known for his satires on modern life, political corruption, and biblical narratives. Having grown up in the South End of Boston, he regularly observed a street life of European immigrants and a prevalence of poverty and societal ills, all of which informed his work. Levine was a formidable draftsman from a young age and continued his education with Harold K. Zimmerman and Denman Ross. His early work was most influenced by Bloom, Chaim Soutine, and Georges Rouault and soon became associated with the style known as Boston Expressionism. His work can be characterized by his distorted forms and exaggerated figures for expressive purposes.


Atelier Mourlot by Jack Levine 1967
Marianne & The Goddess of Liberty - Atelier Mourlot by Jack Levine, 1967
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