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Le Corbusier prints are the work of an artist born Charles-Edouard Jeanneret-Gris in Switzerland and assumed the pseudonym Le Corbusier when he moved to Paris in 1917. Mourlot Editions was already in operation when this great moved to Paris and a good number of the Le Corbusier collection prints were made in our studio. We have a variety of Le Corbusier prints for sale and there is an authenticity around them due to our history with the artist. He was an architect who belonged to the first generation of the International School of Architecture and his work was chiefly built with steel and reinforced concrete and worked with elemental geometric forms, thus Le Corbusier painting posters came later in his work.

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What are Le Corbusier Collection Prints Used For?

How did an architect make the now famous Le Corbusier collection prints? The journey of Le Corbusier prints began in 1918, when the architect met Cubist painter Amédée Ozenfant who encouraged him to paint. Looking at any Le Corbusier prints for sale, his architectural education comes through in his later paintings, some of which are now antique art posters in New York City, as emphasized by clear forms and structures. In 1935, he reformulated his theories on urbanism and published them in La Ville Radieuse. A good number of fine art lithographs in New York City can be attributed to him due to his later interest in lithography. Le Corbusier's paintings, posters, and other art remained a considerable influence on modernist ideas, which revolve around a central idea. His influence in modernism matches Picasso's in certain ways. Thus, comparing Le Corbusier prints to vintage Picasso posters in New York City provides a fuller education on modernism.

Influence of Le Corbusier's Prints and Life

The use of Le Corbusier collection prints today is probably best understood when examined together with the artist’s life story and the art he engaged in. The change of his given name to the pseudonym he is now famous for and getting into art shows that a person can reinvent themselves. Possibility for reinvention should be clear when one sees Le Corbusier prints in a gallery. Many of Le Corbusier prints for sale today display a love for purism; an art student would see the influence of industrial civilization and its ideological celebration. The ideological bent to his work and his effort to elevate his subject matter’s respect through paint makes Le Corbusier painting posters stand out even as decorations.

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We have a variety of Le Corbusier prints for sale from which you can pick. These Le Corbusier prints portray the journey of a man discovering himself and more possibilities. We have Le Corbusier collection prints today that were made in direct collaboration with us, especially lithographs. You can contact us to get Le Corbusier painting posters and other types of art from him.


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