Igor Tcholaria

Igor Tcholaria

(1959 - Present) Russian

Igor Tcholaria is a painter and sculptor born in 1959 in the Black Sea coastal town of Ochamchiri in the Caucasus. His artistic skills were first noticed at an early age which allowed him to attend the Sukhumi School of Art. It was there that he first discovered and came to love great early-20th century French art with the help of his teacher and mentor, artist Givi Ghergaya.

After graduating from the Sukhumi School, he continued his studies at St Petersburg’s Mukhin Institute, spending all of his free time at the Hermitage, studying and copying the Impressionists and European Old Masters.

When perestroika started, he became one of the first artists making street portraits and was spotted by a gallery owner from Italy who gave him his first solo shows. Since then, he has exhibited in many galleries and shows internationally,  including Belgium, the Netherlands with Mark Peet Visser, and Roy Miles' London gallery for the past 25 years.  

His artworks are now in collections all over the world, including those of celebrities such as Luciano Pavarotti, Jean-Pierre Richard, Gérard Depardieu, Madonna, and John Galliano He was also won an international competition and painted two vast panels for the world’s largest cruise liner, the Queen Mary 2. 

He currently lives and works in Moscow, Russia. 

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