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Georges Braque

Interieur a la Table Noir (after) Georges Braque, 1949

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Artist: Georges Braque

Medium: Lithograph, 1949

Dimensions: 17.3 x 25 inches, 44 x 65 cm

Arches Paper - Perfect Condition A+

Step into the captivating world of Georges Braque with this exquisite lithograph, based on his renowned painting "Intérieur à la Table Noire." Created in 1949, this lithograph was reproduced under Braque's meticulous supervision and is part of the illustrated book "Une Aventure Méthodique" by esteemed French poet Pierre Reverdy.

Georges Braque was a pioneering figure in the art world and one of the leading figures of the Cubist movement. His innovative approach to composition, use of geometric forms, and exploration of space and perspective revolutionized modern art. Braque's collaboration with poet Pierre Reverdy in "Une Aventure Méthodique" brings together the power of visual and literary expression in a harmonious union.

This lithograph showcases Braque's distinctive artistic style, with its interplay of shapes, textures, and muted colors. It invites viewers to immerse themselves in the enigmatic interior scene, where objects and forms are fragmented and reassembled to create a dynamic visual narrative.


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