Arlequin et sa Compagne - Maison De La Pensée Française (after) Pablo Picasso, 1954

Arlequin et sa Compagne - Maison De La Pensée Française (after) Pablo Picasso, 1954

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Artist: Pablo Picasso

Medium: Lithographic Poster, 1954

Dimensions: 27.5 x 18.7 in / 70.5 x 48 cm

Classic Poster Paper - Excellent Condition A+

A classic silhouette of two women perched over the white tablecloth of a restaurant, this vintage lithographic poster was produced for an exhibit at the Maison De La Pensée Française in Paris 1954. The painting chosen to promote the show is from 1901 and entitled "Harlequin et sa Compagne". The painting was reproduced by Mourlot Master Printer, Henri Deschamps, under Pablo Picasso's supervision.

The Italian characters known as zanni, or servants, were a part of Stravinsky's opera for the Ballet Russes, but of all of them, Harlequin is the smarter zanno. Picasso’s depictions of Harlequin do not show a theatrical Harlequin. Picasso’s Harlequins are off-stage and the artist’s depictions are portraits of distinguished and intelligent individuals. Ref. Czwiklitzer # 97. Ed. 1,000.

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