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Pablo Picasso

Les Femmes d'Alger - L'Héritage De Delacroix (after) Pablo Picasso, 1964

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Artist: Pablo Picasso

Medium: Lithographic Poster, 1964

Dimensions: 28.4 x 20.1 in / 72 x 51 cm

Classic Poster Paper - Excellent Condition A+

This magnificent lithographic poster was created for an exhibition of Picasso paintings at the Knoedler gallery in Paris in 1964. The specific painting chosen and reproduced by Mourlot Master printer Henri Deschamps is entitled "Les Femmes d'Alger" (Version A), from 1954, and it is now located at the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art in Hartford, Connecticut.

Picasso created a series of works based on the famous painting in 1950 in his studio in Paris. He marked his canvases by the letters (from A to O). They are different in the colors, the sizes,  the composition, the number of women. Basically, four women are represented: one of them is sitting, reclining second, third is brewing tea, and the fourth is smoking a hookah. 

Another reason for which Picasso turned to the subject of the eastern concubines, was connected with a sad event. His friend and rival in the art world Henri Matisse died in 1954. One of the his favorite themes were the odalisques.Picasso joked about it: «When Matisse died, he left me his odalisques as a legacy». Ref. Czwiklitzer #240. Ed. 1,300 with text and 1,000 without text.


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