L'atelier- Musee du Louvre by Georges Braque, 1961

L'atelier- Musee du Louvre by Georges Braque, 1961

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Artist: Georges Braque

Medium: Original Lithographic poster, 1961

Dimensions: 30 x 20.5 in, 76.2 x 52.1 cm

Arches Paper - Excellent Condition A

This very rare original lithographic poster was designed by Georges Braque and printed by the Atelier Mourlot in 1961 for an exhibition at the Louvre Museum that year. This image was published by the French National Museums. 

The bird is often presented as the soul's guide to the realm of the dead, and therefore acts as an embodiment of immortality. The most diverse cultures have cults centred on the bird, and in some cases specific birds, like the bird of paradise or the crow.

Until the Renaissance the bird took up a central place in the religious imagination, appearing in religious sculptures and manuscript illuminations. The bird subsequently lost its position as a vaunted symbol; not until Georges Braque would 'the Bird as principle, as highest value' return. According to Elgar, Braque freed the bird and returned it to its central place in his visual language.

Ref. Vallier #165, Mourlot #141. Ed. 1000 poster with lettering for the Louvre. 100 Signed and numbered without lettering. 5 with only "L'Atelier de Braque" as text.

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