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Judith Seligson

Gaps and the Creation of Ideas by Judith Seligson

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Artist: Judith Seligson

Medium: Paperback, May 1, 2021

Dimensions: 8 x 2 in., 815 page, 4.4 lbs

Gaps and the Creation of Ideas: An Artists Book is a portrait of the space between things, whether those things be neurons, quotations, comic-book frames, or fragments in a collage. This twenty-year project is an artists book composed by juxtaposing quotes and images with the authors thoughts in between. The book is structured to show analogies between disparate texts and images. There have always been gaps, but a focus on the space between things is virtually synonymous with modernity. Modernity itself is a story of gaps, as it is often characterized as a break. Around 1900, many independent strands of gap thought and experience interacted and interwove more intricately. Atoms, theories, women, Jewish people, collage, poetry, patchwork, and jazz figure prominently in these strands. The gap is a phenomenon that crosses the boundaries of neuroscience, rabbinic thinking, modern literary criticism, the structure of matter, art, and popular culture. This book explores many subjects, but it is ultimately a work of art.


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