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Maurice Estève

La Chaise de Cuisine - Peintures - Galerie Louis Carre by Maurice Esteve, 1965

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Artist: Maurice Esteve

Medium: Lithographic Poster, 1965

Dimensions: 30.7 x 20.5 in, 78 x 52 cm 

Classic Poster Paper - Perfect Condition A

This lithographic poster was published to promote an upcoming exhibition of Maurice Estève's paintings from 1935 to 1947 at the Galerie Louis Carré in Paris in 1965. This image was reproduced from the original painting "The Kitchen Chair" from 1942 by Charles Sorlier. In the 1940s his stylized figure, still-life and landscape compositions with strong colors gradually became completely abstract, with tight-knit interlocking shapes in rich, bold colors.

Later on, he became known for his lyrical experiments with colorful interwoven forms and merged his love of art history with abstraction. He said of his work:  “I never use a sketch, I paint directly on the canvas, without a preparatory drawing. Each work is a series of transformations.” Ed. 1,000.


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