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Yves Brayer

Les Gardians de la Camargue - Galerie "65", La Croisette by Yves Brayer - 1961

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Artist: Yves Brayer

Medium: Original Lithographic Poster, 1961

Dimensions: 30 x 20 in, 76 X 50 cm

Classic Poster Paper - Perfect Condition A+

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of the Camargue region of France with this captivating lithographic poster by Yves Brayer. Created in 1961 to promote an exhibition at Galerie "65" in Cannes, this poster showcases Brayer's exceptional talent for capturing the essence of the "gardians," the horseback-riding herdsmen of the Camargue.

This poster is not only a tribute to the equestrian heritage of the Camargue but also a testament to Brayer's artistic prowess. With his skilled brushstrokes and keen attention to detail, Brayer transports you to this captivating corner of France, where the traditions and the landscapes merge in a harmonious dance.

Whether you are a collector, an admirer of equestrian subjects, or simply captivated by the beauty of the Camargue, this poster allows you to bring a piece of this enchanting region into your space, celebrating its rich cultural heritage and the timeless bond between humans and horses.


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