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Georges Braque

L'oiseau - Royal Scottish Academy (after) Georges Braque, 1956

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Artist: Georges Braque

Medium: Lithographic poster, 1956

Dimensions: 29.0 x 20.6 in / 73,7 x 52,3 cm

Arches Wove Paper - Excellent Condition A

This lithographic poster was designed by Georges Braque and printed by the Atelier Mourlot in 1956 for an exhibition of the artist's works at the Royal Scottish Academy during the Edinburgh Festival. This striking representation of a bird was reproduced by Mourlot Master Printer, Henri Deschamps, in five colors, after an original work by the artist. The printing was supervised and directed by Georges Braque.

When Braque was commissioned to paint one of the ceilings of the Louvre in 1952, he dedicated it entirely to birds. He grew increasingly fascinated by birds' movement, birds' flight – and their wing spread. The paintings from around 1958 (the year in which this edition appeared) are less complex than the 'Atelier' series. The bird is often presented as the soul's guide to the realm of the dead, and therefore acts as an embodiment of immortality. The most diverse cultures have cults centred on the bird, and in some cases specific birds, like the bird of paradise or the crow.

Ref. Sauret #9. Ed. 350 destined to be displayed in London and 350 sent to the Royal Scottish Academy. Total edition: 700


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