"Collages" (after) Nicolas De Stael, 1958

"Collages" (after) Nicolas De Stael, 1958

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Artist: Nicolas De Stael

Medium: Original Lithographic Poster, 1958

Dimensions: 27.1 x 18.7 in / 68,8 x 47,4 cm

Classic poster paper - Good Condition A

The nuanced shades of blue and white in this piece create a subtle contrast. Many of the shapes in the image are reminiscent of shreds of paper, creating collage like imagery after which the artwork is likely named.

After studying art at the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts in Brussels, De Stael spent the better half of the 1930's traveling through Europe before eventually moving back to Paris. De Stael struggled through the second world war and Nazi occupation of France which eventually lead to the death of his partner, Jeannine Guillou. He began to see the first glimpse of success when his paintings garnered some recognition in the years after the war. De Stael even maintained a close friendship with Georges Braque, before moving back and forth from Paris to New York. Before his premature death in 1955, De Stael's work had already attained global attention and praise.

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