Clown, Galerie Louis Leiris by Pablo Picasso 1971

Harlequin, Galerie Louise Leiris by Pablo Picasso, 1971

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Artist: Pablo Picasso

Medium: Lithographic Poster, Edition of 2000, 1971

Dimensions: 30 x 19.75 in, 76.2 x 50.2 cm

Arches Paper (with Mourlot watermark) - Excellent Condition A

This poster was created for an exhibition at the Galerie Louise Leiris in 1971. It illustrates a drawing in colored chalk entitled Harlequin (Tête d'arlequin), produced by Picasso in 1970. Most of the works from the later years were a mixture of styles, as Picasso's means of expression was in constant flux until the end of his life. It was only after his death, when the rest of the art wold had moved on from abstract expressionism, that the critical community came to see that Picasso had already discovered Neo-expressionism and was, as so often before, ahead of his time. 

Edition 2,000. Ref: Czwiklitzer 390

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