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Bacchanal - Cover Mourlot III by Pablo Picasso, 1956

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Artist: Pablo Picasso

Medium: Original Lithograph, 1956

Dimensions: 25.75 x 19.5 in, 65.41 x 49.53 cm

Cover Paper - Excellent Condition A+

This original lithograph by Picasso was printed in 1956. The artist created this work as the cover of the reference catalog of his lithographs that Fernand Mourlot compiled. This made all the catalogs extremely exclusive and valuable. Each of the 4 designs are very particular and reflect the subjects that Picasso was addressing over the decades spent at the Mourlot studio.

This particular variant is printed on an ocher background and It is both playful and lyrical, with a Centaur, a faun and probably Picasso as Bacchus on the right.

This being the cover of a catalog, it has a slightly larger run than the usual editions. 3000 were created for the cover, a couple of dozen proofs were printed for the artist and the printer. This particular one comes from our collection and was never folded.