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Museum of Modern Art - Rene Magritte

This rare and beautiful lithographic poster was created for an exhibition of René Magritte's work at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1965. The painting was  reproduced by the Mourlot Studio famous Master Printer Henri Deschamps and supervised by the artist. It was based on Magritte's painting L'idole from 1965. The exhibition featured 81 works created between 1926-1965 and was attended by the artist. The exhibition also travelled to the Rose Art Museum, the Art Institute of Chicago, the University of California Berkeley, and the Pasadena Art Museum. 

Rene Magritte is the most celebrated Belgian artist of the twentieth century and birds were a recurring motif in his work. The artist preferred the quiet anonymity of a middle-class existence, a life symbolized by the bowler-hatted men that often populate his pictures - such as "Son of Man" which he painted in 1964 as a self-portrait.

Lithographic Poster, 1966

20 x 28 in , 50.8 x 71 cm

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