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Marianne & The Goddess of Liberty - Jack Levine

When The Mourlot Studio opened a branch in New York City, after a successful exhibition organized by the Smithsonian Institute in 1963, it commissioned several famous International artists to create a series of original Lithographic posters to celebrate the event. 

Jack Levine once said of himself, "I am primarily concerned with the condition of man." Following his own direction, he created a distinct body of socially conscious art that probes the strengths and weaknesses of humanity. In this humorous image, France's personification of the Republic, "Marianne" salutes the personification of the American Republic: "Miss Liberty". A most pertinent metaphor for the establishment of Mourlot's studio in the West Village of Manhattan.

Edition of 1,000 with a further edition of 125 signed and numbered of the black only, on Arches paper.

Original Lithographic Poster, 1967

29 x 21.5 in, 73.66 x 54.61 cm

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