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Le Cantique des Cantiques - Mar Chagall Poster

This lithograph was created to promote the Musée National Message Biblique in Nice, France to Japanese visitors. The lithograph is based on Chagall’s oil painting “Le Cantique des Cantiques III” (now in the collection of the Musée National Message biblique Marc Chagall, Nice). It was printed from the same plates as the signed edition, on slightly thinner paper. Reproduced by Mourlot Master Printer Charles Sorlier at the atelier Mourlot in 1974 under Marc Chagall's supervision and approval.

During this period Japanese collectors were taking a particular shine to the work of Chagall, enticed by his incredible use of vivid colour. In response to this, the Museum wanted to attract more visitors from Japan to the South of France, so they included a translation on the lithograph.

Ed. 8,500. Ref. Sorlier #143.

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