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Galerie Villand Galanis - Charles Lapicque

This original lithographic poster of two seagulls in flight was created by Charles Lapicque as both a signed and numbered edition and a poster for a painting exhibit. The Galerie Villand Galanis in Paris organized the show in 1960 and both editions were printed by Mourlot in Paris.

Lapicque produced some of his first landscape paintings in 1920, while continuing to work in a laboratory as an engineer, where he also researched color perception. He employed fragmented pictorial space, patches of color, and cursory outlines, Lapicque’s style most closely resembled that of Raoul Dufy. He finally abandoned his assistant position at the Faculté des Sciences in 1943 to devote himself entirely to his career as an artist.

 Ref. Balanci 101. Ed. 500.

Original Lithographic Poster, 1960. 

27 x 19 in, 68 x 48 cm

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