Eva Petrič’s World Embryo – One World, A World for All at the United

Eva Petrič’s World Embryo – One World, A World for All at the United

The Slovenian artist Eva Petrič’s has been invited to present her art installation World Embryo – One World, A World for All at the United Nations in New York City until June 15th, 2018.

World Embryo – One World, A World for All combines more than 300 stories, memories, and emotions from all around the world, using over 300 recycled and handmade lace units gathered by the artist throughout the world. Each lace was either gifted to Eva Petrič or found by the her at flea markets.

The installation at the UN was inspired by the artist’s “Hematoma” series, which highlights her fascination of the phenomena of so-called collective hematomas that affect all people. Eva Petrič believes that we are more than just our visual skin. “We are numerous generations intertwined in an intricate and complicated network,” she says.

The choice to work with laces represents how everyone and everything on this planet is connected through webbing.

“No one single lace is more beautiful or better than the other; all are needed and important for sustaining the final shape of the lace mosaic. Likewise, all people on this planet and all creatures are needed to sustain our environment,” Eva Petrič adds. “The purpose of this installation is to communicate that our planet is one and only; it belongs to each and every one of us.”

If you would like to set up a private tour of the installation and meet with the artist, please contact me at (818) 292-6420. This installation is open to the public until June 15th, 2018.

Eva Petrič is represented by the Galerie Mourlot New York, 16 East 79th Street. New York, NY, 10075. For more on her art, visit https://mourloteditions.com/collections/eva-petric


About Eva P

Eva Petrič, born in Slovenia, now spends her time split between Ljubljana (Slovenia), Vienna (Austria), and New York City (USA). She is a multi-media artist, working with photography, video, installation, performance art, and writing to create her exquisite pieces. Eva has had over 40 solo exhibitions and has participated in over 70 group exhibitions all over the world. She has won a plethora of highly acclaimed awards and honors over the course of her career, including the Grand Prix of the 6th international fine arts festival in Kranj, Slovenia, in 2017.

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