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Eva Petric in Space!

Eva Petric is going to space... well, her art at least. We are very proud to inform you that one of our good artist's sculptures are space bound to the International Space Station (ISS) on February, 19th 2022. These works will remain in the ISS for six months. 
Earthling Tattoo Seal, Eva Petric
Earthling Tattoo Seal, her shadow translated into the pattern of Idria lace visualizing connection within and amongst us, the blueprint of our E@motional EARTHLING existence, encased into 1cm by 3cm plexi cube.
DBE Message From Earth, Eva Petric
DBE Message from Earth, encapsulated into a scented clay cube (in collaboration with Mateja Dimic).
And off it goes... 
Antares Rocket
Antares Rocket, Mourlot Editions, Eva Petric, Moon Gallery
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